Juss a dude who likes using aimbot+walls+unlimited uav tool

2021.12.02 21:12 Some-Caregiver8397 Juss a dude who likes using aimbot+walls+unlimited uav tool

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2021.12.02 21:12 FoursGames Preparing for automotive engineering?

So Im going into uni next year, I'm 19 and because of the pandemic and it being years since I studied maths I'm trying to brush up on my maths and science.
I'm using Khan academy and was hoping someone could tell me the best subjects to start with?
I could be worrying too much but I was always an average student and want to be able to keep up. Am I also worrying too much?
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2021.12.02 21:12 jdmh961616 [PS5][HELP] Demon Souls King Allant help please

UK based server - pass is jesk
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2021.12.02 21:12 yobemot Another scammer 🤦‍♂️ 1979 o pee chee wayne gretzky rookie card #1b on Mercari

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2021.12.02 21:12 MustachioDeFisticufs Only 57 days left until the biggest loss of potential gains by the United States government in history

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Got so much urges that I just started looking at some porn (not beating it so I didn't get out) so I am pretty much out of alpha mode but at least I didn't fail No Nut December
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Do you prefer to have a set schedule for working days, evenings, or nights. As opposed to shift work that rotates through all three shifts?
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2021.12.02 21:12 TeaTimeWithHarley Not a PT: Wondering if this is a red flag with my PT. Should I trust the process or find a new one?

Therapy had been going really well but we have changed methods and I have stopped seeing progress. I grew up with a mother who fully believes in chiropractic care, so I'm very skeptical of practices that keep people coming back instead of the goal of having a patient no longer need care. Should I trust the method or move onto a new therapist?
How therapy started:
I started therapy to address chronic lower back pain. I've had it most of my adult life, but it was getting to the point I couldn't do household chores or go for walks without frequent breaks. attempting strenuous things would have me resting for days after, etc.
I started therapy 9ish weeks ago, and I've definitely seen progress with lower back pain. Apparently it stemmed from instability in my core and hips. My PT also stated was hyper-mobile which I already suspected; I can lay my thumbs forward and backwards on my forearms, bend my fingers back 90 degrees, my elbows bend back, my toes perfect point, I've dislocated my right knee cap more times than I can count, easily touch flat hands to the ground with straight legs without regular stretching etc.
Our sessions starting were quick check ins and mostly going over exercises. I still have "pain" but not the same, it goes away in a few hours or with a brief break and doesn't last for days-weeks. I also feel more stable and the discomfort I had when starting these movement have gone away.
So all that is cool. During sessions we started doing exercises that had cross body motion. I've always had considerable tension between my shoulders and they are always sore. Not painful I can still do things, but it's always there. This started getting in the way of new exercises, so my PT had me go to my PC for an additional order of care.
How its going:
3-4 weeks ago we started addressing this area and now the sessions are mostly manual (?) work on the muscle between my shoulders along my spine. My PT said this tension is probably also from instability and hyper mobility; I can bring my straight arm flat across my chest to the opposite shoulder with no stretch, but it's very difficult to do rows without raising my shoulders. The PT has only given me a couple exercises and I'm not feeling/seeing any progress.
This change to hands on/little exercise and lack of seeing progress has me a bit skeptical. Is this "good practice" considering the situation? Should I look into finding someone new?
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2021.12.02 21:12 reddingcue Promoted to Takeout Specialist

Do I get a raise? I currently make $11.50 an hour and ik some ppl on this reddit got like a 50 cent increase
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2021.12.02 21:12 Ashencoate Dragons: A Comprehensive, Flame-Breathed Evaluation

Hi everyone, Ashencoate here, with a look at Dragons.
Find my other guides:
The dragon alliance has a few dissimilarities from others. For one, there are very few low level Dragons. Only Snapfire for $1 and maybe Puck at $3 are really achievable early game and that's the minimum to unlock the potential.
The second is that Dragons have weird, soft placement restrictions to maximize their value. They all want to be semi tanks. That is, not directly the main front line but on the side by a wall or perhaps a "rear guard" to hedge against assassins if you need that. All are benefited by mana too, to be able to be full on backliners and still capable of putting out huge damage numbers that top the charts.
Table of contents:
-Introducing the Dragons
-How to Care for your Dragon
-Early game setup to be Dragons
-when to ditch your plan midgame and go for 3* Snapfire and friends
-power leveling
-the 3* Puck mini-guide (and friends of course)
-the break mechanic (Viper 2* as a core)
-DK Cosplay as the Sustainer (late game high level builds)
-closing remarks

  1. Introducing the Dragons
$1 Snapfire - Brawny Dragon
Snapfire is the first earlygame Dragon you can pick up, but around the time snapfire is just a meh enabler for bristleback, Tusk, jug, based comps. She doesn't really come into being an excellent hero until Puck comes along. But the damage for the mortimer kisses is insane and demolishes box comps in a big way, especially if she can be positioned to get mana quickly from being attacked to get it off without getting stunned. Snapfire 2* /snapfire 1* / puck 1* is a pretty ridiculous opener, and bristle 2, bristle 1, and snapfire is fine to start getting brawny stacks too. My overall opinion: meh until you get the dragon alliance. Then she's really bonkers.
$3 Puck - Mage Dragon
Puck is a main dps piece for many linked comps. Notably mages really benefits Puck for the extra damage from the orb (which is the main source of damage on this guy). Dragon alliance really helps Puck be a good off tank and be on the side of the frontline tanking just a wee bit of damage and orbing everyone that engaged for the enemy. Those orbs add up. Puck can also benefit a lot from Human alliance or mana items. Getting more mana equals more orbs, more aoe magic damage that can hit most or all of their team at once.
Great synergy with other AoE burst like bristleback, beastmaster, Earth Spirit, Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, SB, rubick, kotl, tidehunter, axe, dk... do you see a pattern here? all the people that do AoE burst or make mana production to enable the best sustained aoe burst are all part of this one amorphous blob that Dragon Alliance fits with.
$4 Viper - Poisoner Dragon
Right away, viper is a fine backliner that chips away and deals damage and a lot of it. Especially if the enemy is weak to break. With Dragon alliance, viper becomes an excellent person to stand in the middle of the front line, with a tank on either side. you soak up damage, cast fast, and pop some fools with poison suddenly making them take 100% damage instead of only 60% from 4 knight bonus, that means your 6 second cooldown spell that deals 500/750 pure damage is also a 1.66x damage rune for your whole team (that's attacking the target) in that situation. also poops on jull based comps if he can get the mana to cast fast. that means vs jull spirits try and get viper in the semi frontline to get that root and break off. maybe even in the cell right across from jull so he gets attacked.
level 2 viper becomes a monster just like in the lore... by destroying mages. especially with hp items, armor, things like vlads he's great at holding if he stands second row. honestly carries a lifesteal item fine in the front line. makes good anti assassin rear guard also. The dragon alliance makes it so good if the enemy goes on you and the magic resistance sends your effective hp vs magic skyrocketing. Viper doom is also swag combo, poisoners and brutes already dovetail with alch and the break + smash and silence for 20secs helps to overcome the comps that don't rely on the defensive scaling from passives. it's basically spellcasters that can't beat doom, attacking heroes with passives wait.. not any more and minion comps, which if they are attacking viper all get aoe debuffed and damaged but could use help from some aoe... like all the other Dragons or people listed in the Puck section
$5 Dragon Knight - Human Knight Dragon
Dragon Knight does it all. He has Human to build with for mana production to help your team, he becomes a great ranged hero with a good spell and is a fine melee hero without Dragons in a Knight comp, or with 6 mages. the %damage reduction for enemy attacks with the huge area of breathe fire is very strong because it multiplies your effective hp by a lot. especially since dk already has high armor, hp regen, and maybe Knight alliance. also dk + kotl + omni + lina is the 4 human swag collection, to enable spellcasters in the late game using this is really a good call. also the aoe still helps a lot vs box comps even if you really do need stun and ways to get your damage through. he comes really late though and is kinda unreliable like all $5 heroes and should not be relied on unless you get to the aoe level 2 Dragon in which case GAME OVER, PACK IT IN BUD ur THROUGH here and dk choo choo coming through.
  1. How to Care For your Dragon
Dragons are very mana hungry. They want to cast, but are usually ranged and not the tankiest around. Mana items and Human alliance helps mitigate them. generally the human alliance starts as cm + kunkka, but later on you might add omni, lina, and eventually dk and kotl. legion and lycan aren't very synergistic with this comp unless you want to be mainly human summoners that randomly has Dragons (maybe in ko, that would be weird for Standard tho) or if you are some omni/bat/dazzle/legion and start adding Dragons for damage (it's weird tho 🤔🤔🤔)
  1. Early Game Setup to be Dragons
My favorite way to prep for Dragons is when I tab out in the middle of the fight and see no one that has CM, Kunkka, Puck, Storm Spirit, or Snapfire as a 2* or any gameplan that seems close to their main strat, while I have a lot of those. That 5 unit comp is Soooo strong and so naturally having it be wide open is a great setup.
Poisoners is also a valid lead into Dragons. Viper is a swag man, and 3* Puck is a nice fast damage over time hero to punish the poison with actually KSing them and doing what Enno starred. Also that comp plus DK fire breath giving your team "% based hp" effect goes well together. Mostly ignore Snapfire unless it's free, you don't use Dragons early.
Human/x can also just grab Snap and Puck as dps. Summoners and mages have natural synergy with humans, since they both need mana and the creeps make time to get more orbs and cm freezes off.
  1. When to ditch the plan and go for 3* Snapfire and friends?
You had better be straight up uncontested in all or all but one of these: Snap, CM, Kunkka, Earth Spirt, Storm Spirit, Puck (you only need 2 or even 1* ) in that case, just stay level 4 and get cm and snap, or lv 5 to get storms, es, and kunkka. once you have 4 3* or whatever and are just pooping in them constantly, then level up even abandoning interest to go on a smashing spree and adding Puck, ember, lina, rubick, omni, doom, viper, whatever you want to take advantage that all your spells are off cd faster from cm and that you always gain mana and have a $2 earth spirit with "ravage" on a fast cooldown smacking them, etc. this doesn't even have to be a Dragons draft, it can just be CM and the gang whack em with qop 3*.
  1. Power Leveling
When you don't get the easy win of just getting a million 3* uncontested, you have to power level and earn your wins with lots of units and especially synergies between them. I think that Dragons really want several things, like mana, true frontliners, magic damage amp, and other AoErs in general. this is why you see Puck in brawnies for instance, you just do so much aoe damage and blow them all up at once. You can play that kind of all aoe style with other alliances too, like dragons, mages, QoPs, omnis, spirits, and scaleds (ishhh). When you power level, you find the best 2* for your situation and items that you have and then just quietly keep leveling. you will end up with a board that gets a fast pick off and fight advantage then just runs them over for massive damage.
The Dragon based aoe damage builds I go usually take Jull. with healmeister preferred over barrel boi, and position him and kunkka/es as my only first row units with jull about 4 tiles from the edge and the other 2 tiles from the edge so they are touching. the rest of the team in a gank squad behind (be sure to get pipe or mek if you need it like against other aoe or caster comps)
  1. The 3* Puck Mini-Guide (and friends of Dragons,
By level 7 your comp could be doing some good setup to want to roll. Why would it be related to getting 3* Puck? Usually it means you are also going for several others of: Ember Spirit, Omni, Lycan, TB (as mage fallens), or brawnies and you just randomly get puck uncontested. Puck can also just be a great 2* and even 1* in the early rounds so just make sure to make use of the fast orb time by placing Puck 3* frontline on a side all by Puckself (and ideally having high level human alliance, voidstone/euls/sheepstick)
  1. The break mechanic (Viper 2* as a core)
Certain Alliances only give their bonus in the form of a passive. Certain heroes have Passive instead of or in addition to active abilities. Viper completely poops on passives because of his Break inside of the Nethertoxin. When you have Viper, a level 3 Knight 3* CK looks like a wet dumpling crumbling in the face of your superior chopsticks, basically it wrecks them. that 30%/40%50% damage reduction of Knights being gone means that your viper break is a 1.42x/1.67x/2x damage rune for your team including spells on that person that gets toxed. it can also just be convenient against Storm Spirit, slark, pa, or many others. Viper also carries many items well like brute hat, maelstrom, demon hat with doom, kadens, or bloodthorn.
It would be wrong to talk about power leveling and including Viper without taking about one of the most impactful and high movement and attention skill heroes, Rubick. As a 2* against a top 3 or 2 with clumped casters, Rubick is one of the strongest units. Even as a 1* , Rubick can even be left on an island and buy you lots of time with the fade bolt damage reduction, damage, his built in aeon disk and every single spell he steals with no mana cost immediately did I not mention that he just insta casts ravage, 3* es Boulder, walrus punch, boat, bristle quills, exorcism if he's 2* , or whatever the most op thing that their opponent has on a frontliner. He fits very well into late game comps and you really have to make sure he is in the same column with the enemy casters to actually cast. (use the board match up vs yours feature by clicking their name, then you can place Rubick right. )
  1. DK Cosplay as the Sustainer (late game high level builds)
Dk what a boss old man cane back in my day dk was a $4 that i actually got as a 3* . he gives so much additional "hp" to your team with breathe fire, he gives humans, he enables viper and Puck late game, he squads up with Kotl and Lina and Rubick for a mage human powerspike ultra late game, and can still be a vlads holding 2* doing top damage on your team with the ranged splash attack in builds like poison brute and their compadres. Not much more to say on this guy, he also has insane armor and regen in addition to being a knight so he can be omnis battle buddy as the only 2 knights and buy a lot of time. He's great but he's also $5 , yaknow?
X. Closing Thoughts. (aka TL;DR, I also considered calling it Condensed Knowledge)
Pick Dragons for comps that have mana and space creators but need damage. Dragons do lots of damage. Place then in the second row or off to one side on the first row.
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below.
🥭🥭🐉🐉, Ashencoate
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2021.12.02 21:12 Small_Use_4520 Any fix for PS5 presets?

Been playing for half a year now and I still haven’t been able to fix the problem where it won’t let me save a preset when creating my survivor. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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