Absolute chaos

2021.12.02 21:41 pepethefrogscousin Absolute chaos

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2021.12.02 21:41 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Cramer says stocks are 'still badly oversold' even after Wall Street's big rally | NBC

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2021.12.02 21:41 BOBBY-FUNK Helium map sync

Just curious, how long does it take for your miner to show up on the helium map after setting up? My is 99.6% synced but I’m not seeing it on the map yet.
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2021.12.02 21:41 Cuz_Idk "You're a wizard Jizzle" -Hatto

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2021.12.02 21:41 EgyptianAhlawy1907 What do you think of Egypt and Egyptians?

Hello everyone,
We recently played you guys at the Arab Cup and so it sort of reminded everyone of everything that was happening in Beirut in the past couple of years. I guess my question is pretty straight forward you are all always in our prayers and I hope everything improves in Lebanon asap.
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2021.12.02 21:41 Good-Plane-1020 🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Dont miss this amazing opportunity!

🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Amazing Community & developer Team! Join our growing community! Dont miss out!
🌐Website: https://www.shibamax.org/
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Liquidity is locked: https://dxsale.app/app/v3/dxlockview?id=0&add=0x1cd86Df8ac79a13819CbEFa546beD34F35E9743D&type=lplock&chain=BSC
Contract Ownership is Renounced: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x97ec4ea4e64dc02aa84e8b634e319dc49bdec4fe7a0fff5daf26d4ddbee884bb
📝Contract: 0x8D627425e0fdFAa0BEfb5637f4eF82E1f345c000
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One of our main priorities is making our token safe, fair and completely transparent for all investors. Thats why we have renounced ownership of the Shiba Max contract on launch ensuring no individual or entity has control of Shiba Max, ensuring that it is decentralized and secure for all investors.
Our Tokenomics are as follows:
Auto-Liquidity Generation: 7% of all Shiba Max transactions will be contributed to building Liquidity ensuring the growth, stability, and sustainability of the token. This feature ensures that the price of the token is backed by a constantly growing liquidity pool. Multiple secure liquidity pools will be added as we grow, and our token is listed on centralized exchanges such as Bilaxy and Hotbit. The rate of contributions will only increase as our community grows and trading volume increases providing stability and security to our investors.
Decentralization: Contract Ownership was renounced at launch as a result of this action no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, making Shiba Max secure and fair for our community and truly decentralized. 100% of Liquidity was locked on launch (Please refer to our FAQ section for link) to ensure security and peace of mind for our investors.Shiba Max was tested extensively using the testnet prior to launch to ensure absolute security and accuracy of function, it was designed to be scalable, self-sustaining, and to scale seamlessly and frictionlessly on a fully autonomous and rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.
Shiba Maximum Rewards: All holders will have their Shiba Max balance grow through RFI Rewards at intervals as the Shiba Max Army grows. This function will allow the Army to effectively earn interest rewards which will increase as our community grows. Our mission is to ensure that the Shiba Max Army is rewarded as our domination of the Crypto Market continues on.
The Shiba Max NFT Marketplace and its offerings is brimming on the horizon. We will be working garner a roster of the best Digital artists, Influencers, Celebrities, and Athletes to have an all-star lineup of NFT releases at launch. The Dynamic NFT releases would also be paired with Physical Merchandise to add further value to our Marketplace offerings. Airdrops will also be going out to our top shillers and holders.
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2021.12.02 21:41 Big_Charity9412 Two types of thoughts (with and without the leg on)

"There are two different looks that you get. Without the leg on, they feel sorry for you. And with the leg on, they think that you're amazing and brave. Yeah, or a robot." Just heard this on a Grey's Anatomy episode. Never thought about it but it's kinda true
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2021.12.02 21:41 enriquepaso Student Journalist looking for people to interview

Hi, I'm Enrique!
I'm creating a video project for college where we have to explain what something is. The topic I chose cryptocurrencies. I feel like mainstream media doesn't cover it unless it's to claim it as speculative. Of course reddit blew up this year too, so it would be great to find a person here who is willing to voice their opinion. The interview would take place over Zoom.
Here's what I'm looking for:
comfortable on camera
can give a legit answer when asked, 'why crypto?' (no "doge to the moon")
can answer proof of stake v. proof of work
you don't have to be an expert, a casual trader is fine
if there are any economists majors out there, that's a plus
it will take about 10-15 mins
I'll ask some baseline questions, like what you think the future holds, how has it impacted you this year, do you have any other investments outside of crypto. Please message or comment so I could schedule an interview.
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2021.12.02 21:41 batbrain1998 Remove Curse of Binding Gear... At A Price

You should be able to remove Curse of Binding gear. If you accidentally put a CoB pumpkin on in Hardcore, there's nothing you can do about it, and I think there should be. Of course, I don't think it should be an easy choice to make, so, if you want to remove a piece of CoB gear:

  1. It costs ten levels to remove one piece of CoB gear. This, on its own, wouldn't be a heavy enough price to pay what with mob farms existing, but it does prevent you from just doing it willy-nilly, which makes getting the XP to remove cursed gear a potential goal for a player has to work to.
  2. When you remove a piece of CoB gear, you get a negative status effect called "Broken Binding" that removes one of your hearts per level, impossible to be refilled or used at all for the duration of the effect, for thirty minutes or possibly a full hour. Each piece of CoB gear you remove will refresh the timer and add another level of Broken Binding to a max of four, leaving you with only a minimum of six hearts. Further removal of CoB gear won't go beyond four, but will refresh the timer. Milk can't remove this effect, but eating an enchanted golden apple can.
So it costs resources to do it and it has aftereffects that you have to take into consideration, and it opens up potential for some interesting traps in PVP (dispenser with CoB pumpkin inside, player triggers it, do they take it off and risk death or live with the impairment?).
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2021.12.02 21:41 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - CEO of firm behind Kay Jewelers and Zales says anticipating early holiday shoppers paid off | NBC

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2021.12.02 21:41 MrHooah613 Hahaha

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2021.12.02 21:41 Totally_notanavocado Ah yes floating fruit cake

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2021.12.02 21:41 ramzyzeid Her ankle's going...

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2021.12.02 21:41 puzzle-game How to sleep() ?

I'm reading tutorials like this , I guess they may be out of date? I'm trying to run something like this

async function sleeptest () { for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++) { await sleep(3000); console.log(i); } } sleeptest(); 
so that there's a 3s pause, then print, 3s pause, and so on, but I'm getting ReferenceError: sleep is not defined in the console. How do you correctly do this?
Need this for frontend js btw, not backend node. Thank you.
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2021.12.02 21:41 arcticseal1729 the patient

okay so idk if this question makes sense but what did the patient do that was so bad? i mean i already know he was in some type of war but did her do anything else that was bad?
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2021.12.02 21:41 CriticalIncident9 Jammin’ Sam Miller Donkey Kong Country OST Recreated

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2021.12.02 21:41 Singh_95 What even is Monk's identity anymore?

They no longer have to keep up GL stacks to attack faster, and now they no longer have positionals other than the combo enders, which give a small potency increase. DRG might actually be the most positional based job in the game now.
I really don't like this, positionals were the only thing still fun about MNK after the 5.4 rework, and I don't think Masterful Blitz is enough to cover everything we lost. Especially when you consider that Blitz is really just two skills, one AoE finisher and a single target one. NIN has a similar system but with 7 skills instead, all varied and each with their own uses, AND the job also has lots of OGCDs to weave while also having a GCD almost as speedy as MNK.
It's such a shame, Masterful Blitz is a really cool system and the new skills look awesome but I'm not sure it was worth losing the entire identity of the job.
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2021.12.02 21:41 Agcryptonic Facebook mass rejecting my ads, concierge not helping

I need help, since Facebook won’t provide it.
I’ve been running ads for my sportswear brand for 5 years with no issues. This year alone I’ve spent $250k usd. Out of seemingly nowhere last month a ton of my ads got rejected for “unacceptable business practices”, which were approved and running for an entire year and no problems. I’ve opened multiple cases with concierge and they have been no help and claim they’ve reviewed my ads and confirm they break guidelines which I knew was bullshit because all I do is advertise clothing.
No matter how many times I edited ads or created new ads, they would all be rejected for weeks. I was so sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong that I literally created a simple ad (I censored my brand and product only) that I knew 10000% would not be rejected and guess what, still rejected. What the fuck is going on?
Am I completely screwed at this point? They refuse to manually review my account and always give me some vague garbage answers. I feel like my only options now is to create a new ad account, hire an agency, or just stop advertising on Facebook which I don’t want to do.
Has anyone else had this issue before and ended up getting it resolved?
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2021.12.02 21:41 Apart_Fee7455 [PS4] W: Embers. H: Souls, any and as many armor and rings you want. Mule. Ask.

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2021.12.02 21:41 Marshmallowboats Little electrolysis disheartened vent

Don't get me wrong, the day after it when I look at the areas that were treated and see nothing it feels amazing, it's just So Painful To Do!!
And it's a huge hassle for me too because it's in a different city, and maybe that'd be ok if the train service here was reliable but it's just not. My day will be spent having a bad travel experience for a couple of hours, getting to the place already stressed, lie for an hour and a half trying to ignore the pain by listening to an audio drama, pay about £100, leave feeling a bit fragile, dazed and like I want to cry, go home on another crowded train, and then in a couple of weeks everything looks like it's grown back in again. (I know it takes a lot of regular sessions before things clear more because of hair growth cycles and all that but AAAAAA)
I'm about 5 sessions in now I think. I just want it to be worth it. I was so so fed up of feeling insecure and horribly uncomfortable in my own body, and I do feel so much relief in those few days after where there's just...nothing, and my face is my face and I feel like I have control. But fcking hell, I wish I didn't have the damn problem in the first place!
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2021.12.02 21:41 Wanderers_Lullaby Starting a New NFT Series - Let me know what you think of the idea

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2021.12.02 21:41 totallynotkairan Flat is Justice

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2021.12.02 21:41 Alternative-Income-5 Trendi - Wedding Cake LR Badder 💒 🎂

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2021.12.02 21:41 GoBigArgoHome 130g class Dx Sonics. $28 shipped each OBO. Never thrown, have storage wear from shipping. $140 for the lot

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2021.12.02 21:41 GuitarOmnivore Riff Lords: Buzz Osborne of The Melvins

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