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song title??

2021.12.02 22:53 Racz__ song title??

anyone know the name of the song JiDion uses that goes "I'm a fool dat choppa choppa choppa gang"? I've been searching and I yet have to find it
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2021.12.02 22:53 harambae42069 Red eyes xp grind deck for the gate

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2021.12.02 22:53 diaerdre behold, come and bargain

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2021.12.02 22:53 UncleSam-7377 Spearfish Canyon

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2021.12.02 22:53 mancura Third party server for console

Question: can console players on bedrock edition connect to third party server hosts?
So me and my friends are playing on bedrock edition and some use xbox while others use pc. We have been hosting the server off of a friend's pc but are thinking of switching over to a third party server host. I've had a surprisingly hard time finding an answer to this question by googling it so any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.02 22:53 SignificantFig8856 Space academic programs?

Hello, everyone i am a freshman at highschool. I came to this sureddit to ask something. Does anyone know some good space programs that i can do as a highschool frehsman? Im interested in aerospace engineering, robotics, and space research.
Currently im doing something called Pulsar Science Collaboratory . This is basically a program where i get data from radio observatories and i help scientists find pulsars and remove inteference signals. Heres the link if you want to see it for yourself: http://pulsarsearchcollaboratory.com/for-students/
I am looking for something like the program above, where i can directly help scientists and contribute to space research.
Now i want to make this very clear..... I know i am a freshman and so im very young. But that dosent matter, i can still do tese stuff because it interests me. Usually when i ask advice on Reddit on stuff like this they always say "You have plenty of time. just enjoy your Freshman year" and this triggers me so much. So please if your going to respond, respond with a actual answer otherwise dont bother responding.

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2021.12.02 22:53 afcraffa Mane that alligator walk got me booted up

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2021.12.02 22:53 ZamboniDriftLegend How To Open This Basement Cover? (Backwater valve?)

Hello Reddit,
I have this cover in my basement floor. I want to open it up, to find out if there's a backwater valve inside. If so, this valve has probably never been cleaned in the lifetime of the house. And I am not the first owner.
Is there a trick to this? Or do I take a slot screwdriver or putty knife and pry it up by the edges? Reddit, please share your wisdom!
Photo attached.
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2021.12.02 22:53 Public_Drummer_238 Only in android.

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2021.12.02 22:53 BlankVerse Show Me State governor hid data showing that masks work

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2021.12.02 22:53 The_Algerian Show for someone whose favorites are Justified and Fargo?

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2021.12.02 22:53 Altruistic_Low9838 Please survivors, if killer is camping please do gens

Had the funniest 2 games today
1st game i was demo, 1 hook at the beginning of the game, just when i was about to walk away, another surv performs unsafe unhooks right IN front of me, he did this twice, so i killed first survivor 2 min into the game and hooked him. his 2 teammates come to unhook him, both were downed , and thats game. ----- kinda sucks because i was trying to do the shred 5 times mission

Then i got called a face camper

2nd game i was surv, i got downed with kindred, 2 teammates start to run around my hook even before killer finish her hooking animation, 2 unsafe hooks later im dead, karma is a bitch

for those of you who doesnt know, unsafe unhooks DOESNT TRIGGER WE ARE GONNA LIVE FOREVER, AND IT DEPIPS YOU, please please dont do it

And i always believe if a face camper gets 4 k, its the survivors fault for both encouraging this behaviour and playing badly - and if a face camper consistantly gets 4 k, than it is a valid strategy for the killer and he should keep doing that untill he ends up with 0 to 1 k
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2021.12.02 22:53 partaloski Yo poke wtf

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2021.12.02 22:53 Taghobby Unboxing Furyu Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World Ram Glost Ver

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2021.12.02 22:53 Frankie111111 Brandon and old D Trump

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2021.12.02 22:53 Smidgerening SSD Won’t Boot After Cloning

Hey everyone, just cloned a clean install of Windows 10 from my old HDD to my new SSD. However, the HDD is still showing up as my C Drive and Windows is still booting from it. I unplugged the HDD and Windows will no longer boot, despite the content of the HDD and SSD being identical. Does anyone have any ideas?
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2021.12.02 22:53 taako__tuesday Drop who for Christensen?

Johnson has played well and has a great run of games coming up so I’m hesitant to drop him in a 10 man league where someone else might pick him up. Christensen good look for clean sheets but a rotation mix.
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2021.12.02 22:53 echo-m I’m Canadian and we don’t have takis here.. i crossed the border yesterday and just had to grab these. I now see what the hype was about🤤

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2021.12.02 22:53 sudoDevelopGames Niantic announces it is acquiring social gaming platform Lowkey to further build out its social experiences

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2021.12.02 22:53 LongTimeChinaTime What would dopamine or other neurotransmission problems look like in a brain of a person who suffers from Aspergers, Severe ADHD, and mild schizoeffective disorder? Is it a situation of too much in some brain regions and not enough in others?

Because I take something from most classes of psych meds. The only classes I can think of that I don’t take are benzos, SSRIs and barbiturates. I am genetically tested to show SSRIs won’t work on me.
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2021.12.02 22:53 TheNextBlGThing Mandy Rose

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2021.12.02 22:53 WhatAreYaACop still awake and still alive

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2021.12.02 22:53 features_creatures ‎TRUE ANON: 👁️ Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day 4 👁️ (dispatch from inside the courtroom)

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2021.12.02 22:53 thomasmfd Which is the best side

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2021.12.02 22:53 Conscious_Ad_5282 My mom told everyone I have a sex toy , I’m ashamed of it now .

Hello I’m a (16M) So a month ago in the afternoon, my mom had gone through my closet as I slept from the exhaustion of school. The sudden noise of my mom moving a bunch of boxes had woken me up from a good deep sleep until I notice her grab a black discreet box and was curious on what was in it. Without my permission, she opened my box and saw my sex toy in it and closed it like nothing has happened.
She then left and weeks later when thanksgiving was here , she told everyone and joked about how she found one of my sex toys in my closet and It really made me feel disgusted with myself and shameful. Today when I came from school, As I walked in and looked in my closet , I saw my other box that has a sex toy in it ( yes I have 2 sex toys ) opened and left there.
I immediately knew that she went through my closet again and managed to find my other box and now will tell everyone again. I’m scared of telling her I stop going through my things! I have bad anxiety and probably will have a panic attack telling her. I also know she will make fun of me or tell me a dumb excuse like “ you don’t pay rent for this house , I can look through were ever i want “
Any tips ? I’m really ashamed with myself. She’s just telling people and now I probably look like a different person for them. This is embarrassing.
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