Confused and underprepaired

2021.12.02 23:04 fetus_op Confused and underprepaired

How do I find a good college for BBA courses near lalitpur. The more I researched(google) it just seems overwhelming .Can u guys list some good college for BBA ( 2laks-6laks is the fees range I can afford ) . Also Is CMAT hard I haven't practiced any thing for it
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2021.12.02 23:04 one4u2ponder One thing I've learned from dvd collecting

Is that every single movie you watch, the people making it, believes in the movie. A movie could be panned by rotten tomatoes, and then you buy the dvd and watch the extras and the actors always believe in the movie and what they are doing.
I just watched from prada to nada and then watched the extras and everyone on that film are taking it dead serious.
I always loved it myself, even if it got bad reviews. It even big stars will come into a dvd interview and break their riles down in such a way as to show real love for a movie that people think is trash.
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2021.12.02 23:04 Ishkung Little floof

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2021.12.02 23:04 HighGround242 What are some fun APIs?

I'm learning VueJS. I know that there are a bunch of freely available APIs that I could play with. What are some of your favorites?
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2021.12.02 23:04 ihaveamousetrap Are udemy courses a good investment for a better resume?

Am currently looking for a well paying remote job, a little bit of a background i have a B.S in materials engineering(honestly didnt care much for it was forced into it), I have tried coding and dont want to be a full on sw engineer or programmer or engineer of any sort. I am looking into data analytics, HR, or digital marketing. would udemy courses help me
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2021.12.02 23:04 No_Telephone9938 LF: Polygon, Mudkip, Squirtle FT: Feebas, Spiritomb, Eevee, Torchic, Charmander, Aerodactyl, Murkrow, Piplup

If interested comment your In game name i will reply with the Link Code
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2021.12.02 23:04 CMDR-Bugsbunny When Congress talks about crypto - reminds me of...

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2021.12.02 23:04 kittyblanket Does anyone know of a cat safe citrus spray that can go on the Christmas tree? Dealing with a very high energy kitten right now.

So for starters, vinegar spray doesn't work for her and makes the tree/living room quite stinky.
I have a 4 month old kitten that loves climbing the Christmas tree. (as you can see in my post history) She's a little heathen and I love her. I have yet to find a deterrent that works and I want to make sure I get or make something kitty safe. (Not sure if diluted lemon juice in water would be effective???)
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2021.12.02 23:04 marcus_afk ITAP of twisting, bulging, prehistoric sand dunes

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2021.12.02 23:04 GyratorTheGreat Good god I love the new 001 (AMONI-RAM).

“I have an inch-thick telekill plate in my cranium, you fucking idiot.” -O5-11
No context or elaboration will be given.
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2021.12.02 23:04 DJCPRT-NL Shame that new legendary SVD looks with muzzle weird.

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2021.12.02 23:04 darthlung Question, where’s the best place to get aftermarket parts for the Charger?

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2021.12.02 23:04 coldblood007 How to restate a series of self-referencing equations in terms of one unit? I believe it may require some analysis such as deriving a formula for an infinite series
Hi guys I posted a question about deriving expressions of upkeep adjusted worker output in the resource management/strategy game, Stellaris the other day but received no replies, I think due to how complex the jargon and variables were. Here I've simplified it down to super general terms so that without reading this caption you wouldn't even know the context. I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me if its possible to formulate an exact value for P in terms I want each equation be stated in.
Also, I was a bit sloppy in my wording on "n" when I said base root. By the variable's base root, I meant nothing related to mathematical roots or exponents, but rather the larger symbol of the variable that the subscript is under.
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2021.12.02 23:04 YoDJPumpThisParty How to support a friend whose parent has cancer, but who has a different outlook on it than I do?

My friend's dad has been diagnosed with mouth cancer. The treatment will require him to live with several tubes in his body for a period of months and he will be unable to speak for the rest of his life. He's in his 60's, so it's gonna be a difficult road.
I've been trying to be supportive, but I can't help but see everything through the lens of having dealt with my own sick parent for many years. My friend seems to be of the opinion that her dad should fight as hard as he can and undergo aggressive treatments and that he should even be learning sign language while he's in recovery. After seeing my mom waste away over several years and failing to get her to make various life changes that would've helped her, I can't help but roll my eyes when my friend is telling me this stuff (on the phone, obv wouldn't do that in person!).
I just want her to mellow out and enjoy her time with her dad and I can already see her getting frustrated that he and his wife aren't acting the way she wants them to ie. he's ruminating a lot on life and death and wallowing a bit, the wife is crying a lot. To me, that is totally fine. I am happy to go there with a person, which is a benefit of having gone through hospice with my mom. My friend is unable to do that and I foresee it being a problem for her in this journey, but she won't hear me when I tell her so.
I guess my question is how do I support her? It goes against everything in my soul to be like, "yeah, he absolutely needs to learn sign language while he has all these tubes in his body" because I think he needs to do whatever it is he feels like doing, you know? I find myself saying really superficial stuff like "yeah, that's really tough" and "I'm so sorry", but I know that's not good enough. Any advice is appreciated!
TL;DR: My friend views her dad's cancer as something he needs to fight super aggressively and I feel like she should mellow out and follow his lead. How do I support her regardless of our differences in opinion?
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2021.12.02 23:04 mango_pan Please recommend me an entry-level wired earbuds

I am looking an earphone for light daily use. Mainly for video conference, making calls, watching youtube. I am looking at online marketplace and stumble upon a few choices

At first i am quite interested with the tangle-free design of JBL T110, but after looking around i am not sure anymore. Does anyone have some review or suggestion to choose? These choices are the maximum budget i currently allocated (200k ID~14 USD).
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2021.12.02 23:04 leba_inverse What subreddits you wish you knew earlier?

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2021.12.02 23:04 Gymsocks99 Who was the best Canadian in the NHL before Crosby?

McDavid took that title from Crosby imo, but who did Crosby take it from? I know he played with Lemieux, but between 2000-2006 I don't think Lemieux was the best Canadian in the NHL. so, who was? I did a video following the succession of the best Canadians in the NHL.
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2021.12.02 23:04 OutcastByChoice Why Does openSUSE No Longer Have A Custom KDE Theme?

I started at version 11.3… the distro always had a custom Plasma theme. The dark green one used in 13.2 was awesome.
Starting with Leap 42.1 however, that’s no longer the case. And KDE seems pretty much unmodified. Why is that?
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2021.12.02 23:04 Prestigious_Name2480 Shorts!!!

I know tank davis can fight but are we going to see Saitama's logo on his shorts wsup what exactly does this mean as far as marketing? Are we going to see commercials? Kiosk advertising all over Pico and Figueroa? Saitama walkout with tank davis? IG shoutout what does this actually mean for the community?
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2021.12.02 23:04 Puzzleheaded_Ice1063 onlyfans discord
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2021.12.02 23:04 chillbillytaylor Just noticed the blood shines through the thin skin in the ear when you stand in sunlight. Amazing detail.

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2021.12.02 23:04 SakshamThapliyal Wake me up

I know BBS is on a long break but why he locked ForShubh subreddit where we were suppose to post memes. Just curious and would be great if a intellectual; explains me.
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2021.12.02 23:04 evous03 Petco 😖🤮

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2021.12.02 23:04 I_Neo_ Smurfs and my idea of dealing with them

As someone who is usually stuck within the Silver-Gold area smurfs are pretty common occurrences. Even had one admit they only smurf because Diamond isn’t fun because its “too hard”. Idk if something like my idea is even possible for a pc game but I believe smurfs should be system banned or sorta like IP banned. Meaning if you smurf, that acct, your main and any others you make are instantly and irreversibly banned. There will be people here who will defend smurfs, and thats normal. But smurfs are a plague on this game
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2021.12.02 23:04 xguy44 Been on mandatory overtime since January, asked my plant manager if there’s any hope the overtime will slow down and he said nope….wow

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