[US] Anyone, Dealersgrip, Fontaine, Lotusinhand Orbit & More

2021.12.02 21:47 deckcuts [US] Anyone, Dealersgrip, Fontaine, Lotusinhand Orbit & More

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2021.12.02 21:47 ThEhIsO8730 Coming up next on Fox News:

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2021.12.02 21:47 jackfish91 BEWARE: This email came to my inbox from a clearly fake Gamestop email. I never purchased anything for the Nintendo eshop at Gamestop.

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2021.12.02 21:47 manycages [Sell][UK to World] 50+ Indie Perfumes - Sixteen92, Poesie, Deconstructing Eden, BPAL & More

Samples and Decants - £3:
Full Size - £15:
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2021.12.02 21:47 boysarefrommarzen Sara Kazmer of Elsewhere Brewing on Boys Are From Marzen Podcast

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2021.12.02 21:47 chaunceybiggums Michael Caine Loves Tangerines

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2021.12.02 21:47 Dry-Independence-422 Friend gave up battling depression

I got to know this guy a few months ago and he opened up to me about having severe depression to the point he thinks it makes more sense to end his life. He's been to therapy and mental hospitals, takes an antidepressant but nothing helps. He sleeps for most of the day and when he's awake I can usually only talk to him for a couple of minutes before he tells me he would rather be alone. It's very difficult to get him to try out something that might help (because he 1. Refuses to even admit to himself that he has depression, even though he's been diagnosed and 2. He has 0 energy) but is there anything I can do? Are there any treatments? I really don't want him to die. I'm terrified.
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2021.12.02 21:47 Salty-Agent105 GO LIKE THIS PLAYLIST PLEASE

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2021.12.02 21:47 vitalogy95 Drug test at first appointment came back positive for amphetamines, will they send it out to confirm or have me retest?

At my first appointment I told the nurse that I had at least a few drinks and smoked marijuana once or twice in the last 2 months. I had not consumed either after finding out I was pregnant- not planned.
They had me do a urine drug test because I mentioned previously using marijuana. Oddly enough, I was negative for THC but positive for amphetamines.
The only other thing I’ve consumed in the last two months is lexapro, which I’ve been told I can continue, excedrin, and Benadryl.
Will they send it out to confirm or just have me retest? Very confused and concerned.
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2021.12.02 21:47 MissPatricia024 I just wrote this yesterday so it's still a little rough but I am trying to get some opinions on what I got so far. Let me know what ya think. Thanks all!!

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2021.12.02 21:47 scarecr0w1886 Just found a pink panther at my local nursery (I went to replace my zebrina) is this as rare as the internet says? Its tradescantia #5 🥰

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2021.12.02 21:47 Adventurous_Gur_2340 Cornflakes

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2021.12.02 21:47 ArmanentHaki FT: BDSP Mew, Jirachi, or Shiny Eevee LF: BDSP Manaphy, or shiny Heatran, or shiny Electivire

I'll only trade mew or jirachi for manaphy, and for eevee i can do electivire or heatran. If interested DM me
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2021.12.02 21:47 Zarkila Text "SkillName.engineering" not found.

I'm playing with some friends and this keeps popping up and opening the log Its annoying as hell and happens to everyone I'm playing a Assistant and also theres a "SkillName.engeneering +10" pop up everytime the problem happens Any ideas about what may be the solution?
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2021.12.02 21:47 RedPandventist7 Promotion?

I've been working at a grocery store as a courtesy clerk for about 6 weeks. Today they offered me a position in produce. They say it's like a promotion. But I can't shake the feeling that they're unhappy with my work and just want to place me in a different spot. They insist that they're happy with my work and that if they weren't they'd sit down and talk to me about it. But why not offer this to other clerks who have been here longer? They say I'm older than the other clerks.
Maybe it's just all the stress I've been under, but I'm struggling to take them at their word. I feel that I have too little work experience to judge the situation. Any thoughts?
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2021.12.02 21:47 HeadOfSpectre Santa Claus Syndrome

There is little official documentation available that describes Rockwell Disease, (Informally known as Santa Claus Syndrome). Observing patients is difficult, as the condition is extremely rare and is almost always diagnosed post mortem.

However, by looking at the behavior of past confirmed victims of Santa Claus Syndrome, Doctors have been able to determine a few telltale symptoms that appear to distinguish victims of the condition.

Patents tend to display a prolonged manic episode lasting approximately one month, during which they will behave in an unusually cheerful manner. Descriptions of patients also note that there was an unusual redness in their faces while the condition was suspected to be active. While the name ‘Santa Claus Syndrome’ might imply some weight gain as well, the patients were actually noted to have lost weight after symptoms began to show. That said, given that many of the confirmed patients were not in the best shape to begin with, they were still quite robust by the time they died.

Every confirmed patient was male and between the ages of 45 and 70. There have been no confirmed instances of the disease afflicting women. The disease is believed to have a one-month incubation period where symptoms become apparent followed by a prolonged manic episode that ends in the death of the patient.

Autopsies of suspected victims of Santa Claus Syndrome have determined significant deterioration in the brain tissue, with the cause of death usually being attributed to a hemorrhage or abscess. Fatal complications from these are typically triggered during the manic episode, meaning that it typically ends with the patient abruptly collapsing dead after some sort of trauma.

The condition was first observed in December of 1994, when a man named Bernard King had a violent episode while working as a Mall Santa.

Eyewitnesses state that King had been sitting in his chair, meeting with children as Santa Claus when a child in the line had begun to act out. Seven year old Andrew Lee had an outburst over having to wait in line and had been vocally complaining about it. His complaining had gotten Kings attention and witnesses say that after letting one child go, he stood up and left the meet and greet area to go into the line. Witnesses stated that they expected that he was simply going to talk to the boy and attempt to calm him down, however upon seeing him, King immediately grabbed Lee by the throat and ripped him away from his mother.

He threw him to the ground and began to strike him, slamming his head against the ground over and over again, as well as repeatedly punching and kicking the boy.

Witnesses attempted to pull King off of Andrew, however, he continued to assault the boy until several men in the crowd grabbed hold of King's arms and pulled him off of Andrew Lee. King struggled against them the entire time, but reportedly did not utter a single word.

He attempted to kick and bite at the men holding him back and one of them eventually punched him in retaliation for biting him. It was after that that King stopped struggling and promptly lost consciousness. He had died of internal bleeding in his brain by the time paramedics arrived on scene. Andrew Lee died in the hospital approximately three days later.

Bernard King had no history of violence or prior criminal record. Those who knew him described him as an even tempered and sociable man. He had worked as a Mall Santa for the past six years without incident. Outside of the considerable deterioration found in his brain after an autopsy, no other cause of his outburst was obvious.

A second case was identified two years later, in November of 1996 when 47 year old Daniel Hogan died suddenly in a strip mall parking lot. He had observed a couple arguing by their vehicle and had then proceeded to get into his own car, and ram them both, killing the man and severely injuring the woman. He died when his head struck the steering wheel upon impact with a nearby vehicle and caused internal bleeding. However Santa Claus Syndrome was not officially identified until 2000, when two new more cases were recorded.

Since then, there have been over 34 confirmed cases of Santa Claus syndrome in the United States and Canada. The cause is still unknown.

Still unknown… Twenty five years, thirty four confirmed cases and they don’t know what causes it.
That’s wild, isn’t it?

You know, my Dad was a good man. I remember when I was a kid, he’d take every wednesday off from work just so he could go out to lunch with me. He took me to all the dumb kids movies I wanted to see, he bought me the loud and annoying toys for Christmas.

He was a damn good father. He was the kind of man I always wanted to be. He was right there for almost twelve years as I studied to become a doctor, he was there at my wedding. He was in the waiting room when I had my first child!

He did everything right. He did everything that a good father does right up until three days ago.

My wife and I wanted to have a date night by ourselves. We do that every now and then. It keeps the romance alive. We go out, we have a nice dinner together. Then we go and see a movie or go to a show. Something we want to see, that the kids wouldn’t be interested in.

It’s nice. We can step away from our responsibilities and just enjoy ourselves, just like we were dating for the first time again. It makes everything feel so fresh! Of course, whenever we do date nights like that, my Dad is always eager to watch the kids.

He likes to spend time with them. He’ll bring McDonald's over, put on some old cowboy movies and they’ll have a blast!

My oldest son, Bradley has a little cowboy hat he wears when my Dad comes over. He always asks him to put on True Grit. Not the new one, the original with John Wayne. That’s his favorite. My youngest son, Sean still doesn’t quite get it yet. But he’s just happy to see Grandpa and play with him. While Bradley pretends to ride a horse, Sean follows him, grinning from ear to ear all the while. It’s heartwarming to see them and my Dad connect so well and I know without a question in my mind that my Dad loves Sean and Bradley with all his heart…

He loved them, at least.

Do I need to explain what happened? You’ve probably figured it out by now. You can put two and two together.

I came home the other night with my wife… The house was quiet and Dad was sitting on the couch. The TV was on and the DVD menu of Rio Bravo was playing. But Dad wasn’t watching it. He wasn’t even moving. His head was slumped down against his chest. His eyes were half open… He didn’t have a pulse.

He hadn’t been dead for long. Less than an hour, I think. He’d just sat down and died. Simple as that. That by itself was probably the worst thing that could’ve happened to me… It was without a doubt, the most horrible thing I could’ve possibly come home to see.

But it got worse. You know that it got worse.

My wife went upstairs to check on our kids… When I heard her scream of grief, shock and horror I knew immediately that something was horribly wrong. I sprinted down the hall, dreading what I’d see and when I saw it… When I saw our two sons, lying bloody and broken on their beds…

Our youngest, Sean died first. Dad had beaten him so bad, he’d been dead before we came home. Bradley made it to the hospital but he didn’t survive the night.

Just like that, my life was ruined. Just like that, I’d lost everything.

The coroner told me about the degeneration in my Dad’s brain. He let me into the morgue to see it myself… God… My Dad on that table, a Y-incision in his chest… I’ve got a strong stomach. You need one, to be a doctor. But that alone was almost too much for me. Add on to that, the black, rotten hole I saw in my Dad's head…

The coroner had cut his skull open. But there was barely anything left in there… What brain my Dad had was rotten and black. How he was even still alive, I’ve got no fucking idea! So much of his brain had rotted away that he should have just collapsed weeks ago!

But when I’d spoken to him before I’d left that night, he seemed like the same man I’d known and loved for my entire life. He seemed a little bit giddier, I suppose. But I’d chalked that up to him simply being excited to spend some time with his grandkids!

The coroner told me about Rockwell Disease… Santa Claus syndrome… He told me that my Dad almost certainly wasn’t himself when he beat the life from my two children. I could’ve figured out that part by myself. He told me that there was nothing I could’ve done, that it comes out of nowhere. It’s like a freak accident. There’s no way of knowing it’s coming and no way of stopping it when it comes.

I don’t know if I believe that, or maybe I just don’t want to believe that. Maybe it’s just stubbornness. A refusal to accept the truth that this really was something no one could have predicted. Maybe I’m wasting my time.
I don’t care.

I’ve done all I can to learn about this condition (what little there is to know) and I need to learn more. So, I’m putting my experience out into the world. I want to pool resources. I want to know how to stop this from happening again, I want to find a cure! Because the pain I feel right now, is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

If you’ve had experience with this condition, please, contact me. If you know something, please get in touch! I can’t let this happen to anyone else, I won’t!
25 years and we still barely know a thing about this condition… Let’s change that.
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2021.12.02 21:47 PlasticTone Not my image, but I go through here every day and let off some steam

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2021.12.02 21:47 This_Just__In Approval time for puts and calls on Fidelity?

Greetings everyone, I opened my fidelity count back in july.. to purchase stock. I've been busy, haven't had the time to look into it closely, but I want to do puts and calls.
How long does it take Fidelity to approve you on this on a good standing account?
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2021.12.02 21:47 -bazz Cool yes!? Any guesses?

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2021.12.02 21:47 BlacksmithHumble8105 Hi all, how would this age and how complex a tattoo is it? Roughly an a5 page so say 12cm by 15cm

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2021.12.02 21:47 PrcWrld [PSN][H] Bundle [W] 2000 Credits

All adds up to 2700 credits
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2021.12.02 21:47 Bonus1Fact Earthquake: 2021-12-03 08:29HKT M5.3 [33.9N,135.1E] near south coast of Western Honshu

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2021.12.02 21:47 NinoZX yo_ctm

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2021.12.02 21:47 Gopherfinghockey Nice braids…

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2021.12.02 21:47 SFGTs What's the sneakiest trick you've pulled on a good friend (harmless but hilarious)?

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