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League mini-games

2021.12.02 21:23 Sonables League mini-games

Hey there,
I'm hosting some league mini games on December 11th at 4:00 pm ET - You're not required to watch the stream or follow or whatever, I am just looking for participants. I'll be giving out a $25CDN RP card just for fun to the winner. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling for the Thankmas charity stream.
If you are interested here's the Discord Link to the channel to sign up.
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2021.12.02 21:23 prowlprime Rant: I fell off my scooter today on the way to campus along Nobel Drive, and I'm freaking livid right now.

Tl;dr at the bottom.
I was riding my e-scooter along Nobel Drive this morning. I live relatively far from campus, and I had a freaking 9:30 class with REQUIRED ATTENDANCE. I had to stay up late last night, and I had to go to class sleep-deprived. On the way to campus, all these damn cars on Nobel Drive kept trying to freaking run me off the road, even though it's a CLASS III BIKEPATH AND WE HAVE 100% RIGHTS TO SHARE THE ROAD.
Eventually, I got to a portion of apartments where a bunch of asshole car owners decided to use OUR BIKE LANE as their own personal parking lot. Because these shithead drivers kept trying to run me off the road, I had to ride as close to the curb as possible. Well guess what? There was this one van that had a freaking surfboard rack to the side, and I didn't swerve enough to avoid it, and I collided with it and went flying off my scooter. Thankfully, the cars stopped for me, and I miraculously didn't suffer any broken bones or concussions, though I got a nasty abrasion on my left elbow and I shredded my favorite jacket :(
Either way, I made this post to freaking vent right now, cause I'm livid.
Fuck morning classes.
Fuck compulsory attendance, especially when we're in the MIDDLE OF A FREAKING PANDEMIC and it's early in the damn morning, so it's harder to concentrate on the road. I'm a freaking college student for crying out loud, if I don't wanna attend class especially cause it's too freaking early in the morning let me live my damn life.
Fuck San Diego's shitty public transportation system, with it's laughable 15 minute headways and slow-as-hell buses, which should not take 20 minutes just to travel 3 damn miles.
And fuck all the damn entitled drivers and car owners along Nobel Drive, who think they freaking own the road. No you don't, it's for US BICYCLISTS/E-SCOOTER RIDERS/PEDESTRIANS AS WELL. We deserve the right-of-way, because 1) We're not protected on the road, and 2) We're not fucking up the environment with our gross-ass gas powered vehicles.
tl;dr: A combination of a number of factors, from my professor requiring attendance in an early-morning class where attendance is still compulsory, to San Diego's public transit having too long headways and being slow-as-hell, to selfish asshole drivers along Nobel Drive who don't understand the rules of the road led to me nearly getting seriously injured and even killed today.
As I'm typing this, my body is still feeling sore, and I still feel mentally shaken up.
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2021.12.02 21:23 FikariHawthorn New FH player here. Is this a bug ? I made the jump with a Nissan Skyline GTS-R (HR31) 1987

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2021.12.02 21:23 amilcardraws now i have back pain, but the caves are cool

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2021.12.02 21:23 90-day-frenchie What’s the name of this yoga pose?

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2021.12.02 21:23 spaceboy42069 Anyone else catch this Easter egg in the new Beatles doc?

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2021.12.02 21:23 rishabh2996 Arsenal's captain liking a game winning goal against his side... Peak Arsenal this🤣

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2021.12.02 21:23 RedSmileGroup cross post from r/RedSmileGroup :-)

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2021.12.02 21:23 TDKJace Discord server

I made a server on Discord called Trans Men. We currently have 22 members. We talk about everything transition related as well as other random topics. It's a very fun little community of likeminded people that just hang out and talk about life. If that sounds like something you'd like to join here's the link: https://discord.gg/7YGjTqXYNA
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2021.12.02 21:23 heracleides2 More Corrupt Actions Uncovered by The Elections Group and Ryan Macias – This Time in Georgia

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2021.12.02 21:23 SorenKierk- Thoughts on Thursday.

Monday IBRX closed at $6.39.
Tuesday following "some news" it finished $7.79 on 8 million volume.
Wednesday on a volume of 2.4 million the price closed at $6.56 ($16 million traded and maybe 500 million wiped off the market cap)
Today on the back of 2 million volume it closed at $6.22 dipping as low as $5.91.
Given the PSS connection and previous ownership by Sorrento I'd started watching this stock while it has been destroyed over recent months. When the price rise followed the news, I fully expected a rapid fall-back (though not that quickly) because the stock manipulation had been remarkably worse than Sorrento likely facilitated due to a much lighter trading volume.
The self-same investors, who one assumes had been following the stock falls, were bouyed with one or two crowing about it on SRNE YMB.
Whatever the value of the news - zero, plus a lot, minus alot - it can only be rampant manipulation. A stock gains over 20% on news, then on no news loses it all and more over two days.
There has been no change or perception of change in the company over that period of time that would justify such a wild surge and depression in value. The value of the company appears completely decoupled from its market capitalisation.
There is no hiding the madness of these three days and it should provide some reassurance.
This decoupling (I suggest) is the goal of stock manipulation achievable when resistance has dissolved away. The whole purpose of last year's endless assault by the MF and others as well as Cramer was to stop there being more of us. Those 75 million shares at the end of last year were going to be covered over a lengthy time, likewise plans by Vanguard and BlackRock to expand - what they needed in 2021 was broken retail and complete control over the stock.
We're still in a pandemic with the largest covid pipeline yet I wonder how many investors here have discovered Sorrento in the last 3-6 months?
Whether over a few days or 30 minutes we have repeatedly seen the same pattern with Sorrento as that of IBRX this week - a rise R occurring over a particular volume V, then a fall of R on a fraction of V. Again and again.
Imagine a giant like Amazon rose 20% on news. That rise retraced the following day would probably take 5 to 10 times the volume - there would be so many buyers willing to feast on the stock at pre-news prices. It never happens. But we at Sorrento see it repeatedly. If Amazon could be driven down the following day on say a quarter of the volume and the price accepted by the market - would it happen? Yes, absolutely. The HFs would gladly continue to buy up stock at pre-news prices because that value will be realised in the future and they are able to buy more discounted stock in anticipation of that future. But it never happens, because it can't happen with those stocks.
What sort of stocks could it happen to - we already know the answer. Loss-making biotechs with weak volume and low profile. And when a convenient narrative to bash, bash away can be deployed: loss making, no products on the market etc. How often do you hear claims that the price is falling because they don't have revenues - no matter the fall, its always the fault of revenue (because obviously revenue would fix the problem). No news has any value it seems, when a stock is loss making. Absurd reasoning but it is popular and is handy cover manipulation of the SP.
Of course the hedge and short funds want any good news Sorrento announce immediately discounted, eradicating the value from the share price doesn't eradicate it from the company and so from the future share price. It produces the same effect as insider dealing because a week after the news release you can end up buying at the same price or better than immediately before the news arrived. This happened almost without fail with Sorrento over the past year or more.
And that is the state we are in with our biotech. The endless hit pieces, stock manipulation and trolling on forums produces a broken retail with no access to reinfocrements and so with it the capacity to discount news at will. Those are the conditions the HFs want - those that generate the advantages of insider trading from the outside - after the fact.
So here we are, with all the good news Sorrento have announced this year, the stock is at a 12 month low. Perhaps it is an illusion, perhaps we've not included the implicit unannounced bad news - the lack of FDA EUA, slowness of trials, the money burn, dilution. Maybe all that outweighs the progress and seemingly imminent prospect of revenues with STIX and so are justly at such a low SP.
If that were the case it wouldn't seem reasonable to expect the institutions to considerablt accumulate in 2021 nor witness the short float reduce by 33% this very same year.
As such I stick with the model of manipulation, because it is entirely rational and quite clearly executable as IBRX has starkly demonstrated this week.
We must be patient, they are.
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2021.12.02 21:23 AegisGirlPneuma Pyra and Mythra preparing food

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2021.12.02 21:23 commonCodeMonkey Custom homemade steel tube rig bolted together with 3D printed joints

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2021.12.02 21:23 HasNoStyle A question about doors

I am skinning my room and the original rec center door will be blocked off. Is there a way I can make a custom door or trigger lead to the rec center?
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2021.12.02 21:23 xElbyy we made AWFUL DISCORD PRESENTATIONS...

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2021.12.02 21:23 TonyChanYT Waters existed on Day 1?

Genesis 1

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.
When did God speak these waters into existence?
3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 And God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness He called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day
It seems that the non-physical dark earth and the dark waters already existed before God spoke light into being. Can these be related to what physicists call dark matter and dark energy? Was visible photons created from the invisible dark energy?
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2021.12.02 21:23 redman768 The Virgin Dark Harvest User vs the Conqueror Enjoyer

The Virgin Dark Harvest User vs the Conqueror Enjoyer
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2021.12.02 21:23 serpyman002 Ronin to Binance (Pending)

Hello! I am trying to transfer my SLP from Ronin to Binance and it says pending.
I connected my Ronin to the marketplace with verified email address.
I changed the 0x of the address to Ronin when I transferred.
Is there an on-going congestion or something? Its been like 2 hrs already.

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2021.12.02 21:23 Fabian-Aralia Found in soil, cleared, and slide mounted. Any ideas what this might be? Its a little smashed (Indiana, US)

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2021.12.02 21:23 danlucas "Sub Pens" from World at War is in the new Warzone map Caldera!

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2021.12.02 21:23 crafty_a Is this leaf a lost cause?

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2021.12.02 21:23 Seouldeheart [na] G4 jungler. Let’s queue up experience for season 12

I’m a jungle main, we play for experience or wins.
IGN: virvyn
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2021.12.02 21:23 ThirdGDmobileaccount Bright star in southwest sky

Can anyone help me identify this super bright star in the lower southwest sky?
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2021.12.02 21:23 kunnarly LF Apriball Koffing FT Aprimons

My Aprimons I can offer are

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2021.12.02 21:23 nicoscircus Help, I bought the varmint rifle but doesn’t work.

Can’t shoot with Varmint rifle, I bought the correct ammo for it but it just says 0/100 I’m level 14 I don’t know if that matters.
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